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Divine by marijavelimirovic featuring a bandage dress Bandage dress
8590 RSD -

'Intimidating Couture' Bandage Bodysuits
6995 RSD -

113015 RSD -

'Hues of Love' dress
3615 RSD -


Cute by marijavelimirovic featuring torn shorts Torn shorts
2260 RSD -

Activewear top
2260 RSD -

Silver wrist watch
8815 RSD -

Round pendant necklace
2935 RSD -

Cosmetic purse
1355 RSD -

675 RSD -

Set yourself for new dayEvery single morning you have opportunity to choice how you will start your new day. All of us have some morning routine, somebody like to take a moment and enjoy in coffee time, others go to run or to gym, but too many people unconsciously flow in daily duties, jobs and forgot to be grateful, to take break and commit yourself.. Morning energy is very important, because we say that the morning shows how day will be. Careful my dear, choose positive thoughts, do what you like to do, enjoy how much is possible during your day and don't forget to start day the favorite way.

Romwe dress

Romwe dress by marijavelimirovic featuring a gray dress Gray dress
905 RSD -

Gray dress
905 RSD -

Converse white shoes
7345 RSD -